Thursday, February 17, 2011

Updates and W-I-P coming soon

Hey guys.It's has been a long time since i update the blog but i was busy with schoolwork.Especially when this year i taking my 'N' level papers.So anyway,I bought alot of things(Thanks to my fat ang bao)
I snap-fitted those 2 HG during CNY and i quite pleased with how it's turns out even without any painting.

I went to HAG on 5 feb and get those...I love that VF-25F.But i will be starting with the Red frame 1st.

I finished snap-fitted this before CNY and i will just paint the rifle and panel line.
I got this last week for a reasonable price and i look how it's look
          -Next post, W-I-P on ....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Prize Presentation and some updates.

Today I went Prize Presentation with Desmond,Donovan,Craig,Darren,Zhi Sheng,Aaron,Chun Da and 2  gundam fan like us.We had alot of fun at there especially during Lucky draw.Congrats to Desmond and Darren for winning something at lucky draw and congrats Zhi sheng,Craig,Darren for winning the competition.After that,we went to Hobby Art Gallery(HAG), M Workshop and Pomo.We got what we want and went home.

I am unexpected that I bought the Real Grade Zaku II because i was originally wanted to buy RX-78-2.Oh well,i should get that next week.
I also got this A3 cutting mat.Expensive but worth it.
I got this on Thursday at hobby point.I was kinda regreted buying this because it's all white and it's not snap-fit.Nice boxart anyway.I will be put this away until the day i am pro
I got this last 2 weeks during my Malaysia trip with my friends.Spotted this at Popular so i picked it up.
Cute? Till the next post

Friday, January 14, 2011

Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter Preview

Just got this last week from Ebay for $39 which is a reasonable price for me.I liked Black rock shooter OVA and i like the character too(Thanks to Hatsune miku).I might get Dead Masters soon^^       

Fierce and Cute at the same time
Endless accessories.Look like you get what you pay for^_^    
BRS sat on her cannon.Till the next post guys

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Halo guys.Name's Zhi Jian aka ZJ.Just started blogging because i though that it might be fun^^.I'm just your regular hardcore fan of gundam and also a gunpla builder.I build gundam in all kinds of scale eg. SD,HG,MG,PG and I hope you all can support me.Till the next post:)